Courtney Brooke Davis fell in love with comics as a teenager and never fully recovered. She mostly writes, but can also draw when absolutely necessary. She's becoming more and more of a lettering nerd every day. When she's not making comics, she can usually be found out in the desert doing her best Indiana Jones impression.


When a 14-year-old girl who’s obsessed with superheroes gets the chance to *be* one, she figures she’s got it made. But little does she realize that her new superpowers have put a big fat target on her back! Pencils by David Moreno. Inks by Alex Bermudez. Colors by Christine Hipp. Coming soon!


The League of Mad Scientists is an ongoing webcomic about a group of mad scientists trying to – you guessed it – take over the world! You can read it here!


Wanton Hours is a short tale about a young woman who just wants to be left alone. Art by MOM. It can be found in The Ladybug Anthology, available for purchase in print here or digitally here.