Courtney Brooke Davis fell in love with comics as a teenager and never fully recovered. She is both a writer and letterer, but can also draw when absolutely necessary. When she's not making comics, she can usually be found in the desert doing her best Indiana Jones impression.


A tongue-in-cheek romp full of 60s style that turns the tables on how women have been portrayed in superhero comics. Art by Rafael Navarro. “The B Squad” is part of the MANthology. Email me to purchase. $20, plus shipping.


A couple of salvagers working in deep space find their lives are in danger when they uncover the dark secret a derelict ship’s AI is harboring! Art by Nichole Robinson. “Derelict” is part of the Secret Anthology. Email me to purchase. $15, plus shipping.


Sometimes, you just want to be left alone. Sometimes, that’s exactly what you get. Art by MOM. “Wanton Hours” is part of The Lady Bug Anthology. Email me to purchase. $15, plus shipping.


When a 14-year-old girl who’s obsessed with superheroes gets the chance to *be* one, she figures she’s got it made. But little does she realize that her new superpowers have put a big fat target on her back! Pencils by David Moreno. Inks by Alex Bermudez. Colors by Christine Hipp. Coming soon!